11 Reasons to Choose Phoenix Pro and Improve Male Sexual Health

When it comes to male sexual health treatments, the Phoenix Pro is truly one of a kind. With real results privately achieved from the convenience of your own home, it is easy to see why the Phoenix Pro offers many advantages as a treatment for improving male sexual health.

1. Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men every year. Unfortunately, popular ED medications are often ineffective, cause unpleasant side effects, or are unsafe for men with heart disease and diabetes. Phoenix Pro lets you treat erectile dysfunction safely and naturally, without any drugs or surgery. This treatment is safe even for men with heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure, and it can reduce (or even eliminate) the need for ED medications at all.

2. Treats Multiple Conditions

In addition to erectile dysfunction, Phoenix Pro treats other difficult conditions. One of these is Peyronie’s Disease, in which erections curve (often painfully). Phoenix Pro can reduce the curvature and break down the scar tissue that causes Peyronie’s Disease. Another condition Phoenix Pro can treat is premature ejaculation; with Phoenix Pro stimulating new blood vessel formation, the body can better control erections.

3. Safe for Men Seeking Improved Sexual Health in General

For many men, it’s not about treating a specific condition but about enhancing overall sexual health so that sex is more satisfying for them and their partners. Phoenix Pro optimizes male sexual health so that you experience more pleasure, sensitivity, arousal, and control. It’s an excellent treatment to improve sexual performance and satisfaction. 

4. Targeted and Measurable Biological Results

Phoenix Pro focuses on improving natural biological functions to enhance male sexual health. The treatment stimulates blood flow and new blood vessel formation in the penis so that it is easier to achieve and maintain an erection. Because it targets male biology directly, results are easily seen and measured by the patient himself.

5. At-Home Treatment

Phoenix Pro is an at-home treatment. This means that after a quick in-office training session with Dr. Eisenbrown, you can perform the treatment safely and easily on your own. When you are ready for your next treatment session, you will not have to go anywhere—you can do it on your own time, at your own convenience, in your own room. It’s the perfect treatment for a man who desires convenience, control, and privacy.

6. No Surgery

Phoenix Pro involves no surgery. There is no need for anesthesia, and there is no recovery or downtime. After administering the treatment, you can resume your normal daily activities (even sex).

7. No Side Effects

Unlike surgery or ED drugs, Phoenix Pro has minimal to no side effects. Rarely, some temporary mild inflammation of the skin can occur. Most men have no problems and are even able to have sex afterward (on the same day).

8. Short, Infrequent Treatments

Treatments with the Phoenix Pro are short and infrequent. The typical recommendation begins with just two treatment sessions per week, each lasting approximately 20 minutes. Using it more often than this is not recommended. Gradually, the number of sessions can be reduced to once weekly or even once monthly to maintain results.

9. Can Be Combined with Other Treatments

Phoenix Pro can be safely combined with other treatments to enhance the results. In fact, it is frequently combined with GAINSWave® treatments to great effect.

10. High Success Rate

Phoenix Pro has a high success rate, especially when combined with other natural treatments such as GAINSWave® therapy. It yields proven results even for men with prolonged erectile dysfunction. Men who get the Phoenix Pro report firmer, longer-lasting erections, as well as more frequent erections.

11. Long-Term Results

Phoenix Pro offers long-term results to men who administer their treatment as recommended. The treatment directly addresses poor blood flow in the penis, which is responsible for the vast majority of ED cases and poor erections. Properly correcting this issue in a natural way results in long-lasting benefits from Phoenix Pro.

Phoenix Pro is an excellent choice for improving male sexual health. To learn more about this treatment, contact male sexual health expert Dr. Eisenbrown online or by calling (407) 212-9532 today.