Am I a Candidate for GAINSWave®?

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), you may be wondering whether you are a candidate for GAINSWave® treatments. A wide range of men with ED are candidates for GAINSWave® and can receive this life-changing treatment to enhance erectile function and improve their sexual experience.

For Most Men with Erectile Dysfunction

The vast majority (85 percent) of erectile dysfunction cases are due to a lack of blood flow. Essentially, this is cardiovascular disease. If the body struggles to supply the penis with adequate blood flow, erections will be either unachievable or unsustainable. GAINSWave® is clinically proven to improve blood flow and can directly counteract this problem. It is the treatment of choice for most men with erectile dysfunction.

NOT for Erectile Dysfunction Due to Nerve Damage

A small percentage (15 percent) of erectile dysfunction cases are due to nerve damage. Unfortunately, if the nerves have been cut or are no longer functioning, GAINSWave® will not work for you. One example of this is a man who has had his prostate surgically removed for prostate cancer, and the nerves were not spared. Another example is a man who has had a spinal cord injury and is paralyzed. However, for men without nerve damage, GAINSWave® is an excellent treatment for ED.

For Men With Peyronie’s Disease

In some men, erectile dysfunction is due to Peyronie’s disease. For men with this condition, scar tissue within the penis causes it to bend rather than remain erect. ED drugs cannot treat Peyronie’s disease and fall short in correcting this issue. GAINSWave® helps the body heal the excess scar tissue so that the penis can achieve and maintain an erection.

For Men Who Are Not Candidates for ED Medications

Medications are often recommended for men with erectile dysfunction, but many men cannot take ED medications due to comorbidities and/or other medications they may be taking that would have harmful drug interactions. If this is the case for you, GAINSWave® is an all-natural, drug-free ED treatment that can effectively treat your erectile dysfunction without interfering with your other medications or health conditions in any way. As an all-natural treatment, GAINSWave® is also preferred by men who desire natural treatment for erectile dysfunction as opposed to medication.

For Men Whose ED Medications Aren’t Working

Often, erectile dysfunction medications do not work as desired. They may provide only partial improvement, or they may not work at all. Medications for ED can also cause unpleasant side effects that you may want to avoid. GAINSWave® has a high rate of success – over 75 percent of men have positive results – and has no side effects or interactions. 

Even for Men Without Erectile Dysfunction

While most GAINSWave® candidates have erectile dysfunction, even men without ED may be candidates for this treatment. If you want to improve your arousal experience, perform better sexually, and better satisfy your partner, GAINSWave® can help stimulate blood flow to enhance your sex life.

Take our GAINSWave® virtual consultation to find out whether you could be a candidate for GAINSWave®. Contact us at Amore Medical Spa to schedule your appointment with Dr. Eisenbrown today.

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