An At-Home ED Treatment that Works

If you’re looking for an at-home ED treatment that works, look no further than the Phoenix Pro. This medical device is safely administered by you in your own home, and it has a high success rate in treating erectile dysfunction (ED).

What is Phoenix Pro?

The Phoenix Pro is a handheld device that men can use to enhance their sexual health. The device triggers new blood vessel formation and stimulates blood flow to the penis in order to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction. When used according to physician recommendations, men can look forward to experiencing stronger, more frequent, and longer-lasting erections.

How Do I Use Phoenix Pro?

Using the Phoenix Pro begins with a quick training session by your physician. Once you have been trained on how to use the device, you can perform all treatment sessions yourself in your own home.

To administer the treatment, you will begin by inserting the tip, plugging in the device, and turning the dial. Then, guide the Phoenix Pro along the penis shaft where indicated by the light. A display will reflect the number of passes you should do for each area. Next, move the device to the next area indicated by the light, and repeat the process. The full treatment cycle takes only 10 minutes; for optimal results, repeat the treatment twice in a row for a total of 20 minutes. This 20-minute treatment session should be repeated twice per week, then gradually pulled back to once per week or once per month.

What Should I Expect with At-Home Phoenix Pro Treatments?

Your at-home Phoenix Pro treatments should feel quick, easy, and convenient. You can expect minimal to no side effects—rarely, mild inflammation of the skin may occur. The treatment is completely safe and all-natural. There is no downtime; in fact, many men feel up to having sex even later that same day. With regular treatments, results are usually seen in approximately six weeks after the first treatment session.

How Effective is Phoenix Pro in Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

Phoenix Pro has a high success rate in treating erectile dysfunction. Unlike ED drugs, which focus on addressing the symptoms of ED, Phoenix Pro focuses on the cause. For approximately 80 percent of men with erectile dysfunction, the cause is poor blood flow. Phoenix Pro stimulates blood flow and promotes the growth of new, healthy blood vessels so that healthy blood flow can continue naturally on its own. Because Phoenix Pro so effectively tackles the source of the problem, even men with long-term ED or ED caused by Peyronie’s Disease can achieve excellent results with this ED treatment.

Phoenix Pro lets you treat ED naturally from the privacy and convenience of your own home. To get started today, schedule your consultation with Dr. Eisenbrown online or by calling (407) 212-9532. Dr. Eisenbrown is a male sexual health expert and will help you get started on your journey toward better male sexual health.