Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Without Surgery

Erectile dysfunction treatments are a dime a dozen. There are foods, creams, supplements, medications, and more – but do any of them actually work? GAINSWave® is a nonsurgical treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) that has proven effective for over 75 percent of patients without any surgery, drugs, or lifestyle compromises. Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown, board-certified urologist specializing in pelvic medicine in the Orlando, FL region, provides GAINSWave treatments in her office located in Winter Park, Florida.


No Surgery?

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction may be wondering, “Do I really have to get surgery to fix this?” The short answer is no, although there is a surgical procedure that can help reverse erectile dysfunction. Known as vascular reconstruction, this surgery works by reconstructing the arteries within the penis to increase blood flow so that it is easier to achieve and maintain an erection. But many men struggling with ED can choose an alternative option that doesn’t require any surgery at all: GAINSWave® treatment for erectile dysfunction.

It is an outdated idea that if lifestyle changes and medicine don’t work, the next step must be surgery. With the advances in today’s medical technology, this does not have to be the case! GAINSWave® can give men an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction that is drug-free, surgery-free, and affordable. GAINSWave® is proven effective in increasing sexual sensitivity and facilitating stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erections. It even has a positive effect in treating Peyronie’s Disease, which cannot be helped by ED medications.

How Does GAINSWave® Work?

Just as vascular reconstructive surgery focuses on increasing blood flow to the penis, GAINSWave® treats erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis. During the short 20- to 30-minute treatment, high frequency, low intensity sound waves are transmitted into the penis to stimulate vascular blood flow. The sound waves also trigger new blood vessel growth over time. Studies have shown that just one treatment with GAINSWave® can lead to a spontaneous erection within just 24 hours. While the speed at which results are seen varies per individual, over 75 percent of patients have experienced positive results with GAINSWave® for ED.

Does GAINSWave® Really Work?

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that this treatment not only works, but GAINSWave® is the most effective erectile dysfunction treatment available. Results are effective when many medications fail to produce long-term improvement in ED. Men whose health conditions prevent them from taking ED medications can receive effective treatment with GAINSWave®. Men with Peyronie’s Disease, in which the scar tissue within the penis forces it to bend instead of stand erect, can treat both ED and Peyronie’s Disease with GAINSWave®. It is an all-around excellent choice for surgery-free erectile dysfunction treatment.

For the most effective erectile dysfunction treatment in Orlando, go to Dr. Eisenbrown in Winter Park for GAINSWave®. Call (407) 212-9532 or contact her online to book your appointment today.

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