GAINSWave® Real Patient Story

If you want to know whether GAINSWave® is worth it, check out this real patient’s experience:

This 70-year-old gentleman was in overall good health, ate a good diet, wasn’t overweight, and took care of himself. He had a few health problems typical for a man of his age, but nothing extreme. He and his wife had been happily married for over 40 years.

He started having trouble in the bedroom. He was able to get erections, but he couldn’t maintain them. Sex became a stressful experience, and intimacy started to feel like work. Ultimately, his wife said that they’d had a really good ride, but suggested that maybe they should let this part of their relationship go.

This man didn’t want that, so he looked for a solution. He found GAINSWave® and began the enhanced program with Dr. Eisenbrown, and it changed his life.

By the third session, his wife was starting to initiate sex again, which hadn’t happened in a very long time. By the time he finished the program, he proudly reported that he was now experiencing what he considered to be “perfect erections”!

Dr. Eisenbrown has seen him several times since he finished the program, and he is doing great and still very happily married.

There is no reason why men should give up on sex when they reach their 60s, 70s, or even 80s. Dr. Eisenbrown firmly states, “I personally think we should be able to have sex and be intimate with our partners until the day we die.”

If you’re having difficulties achieving or maintain erections, GAINSWave® could be just what you need. Contact Amore Medical Spa to book your appointment with Dr. Eisenbrown today.

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