How Many GAINSWave® Treatments Will I Need?

Like many other medical treatments, you will likely need multiple treatment sessions with GAINSWave®. Most men need between 6 and 12 GAINSWave® treatments to achieve the results they seek. The total number of treatments needed will depend on the individual.

Are GAINSWave® Results Long Lasting?

GAINSWave® therapy for erectile dysfunction helps men achieve firmer, stronger, and longer lasting erections. Unlike treatments involving medications or penile surgery, GAINSWave® is completely natural. It activates the body’s own healing response and works to enhance sexual performance long term, with more reliable and spontaneous results over time. Each treatment session promotes new blood vessel growth within the penis, which makes it easier to achieve and sustain erections. The treatment also transmits high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to encourage blood flow to the penis for more immediate results.

When Can I Expect Results with GAINSWave®?

Your results after GAINSWave® treatments may vary based on age and medical health. Some men have reported experiencing an erection within just 24 hours after their first treatment session while it takes a few months for others to experience the same. Nonetheless, GAINSWave® has a high success rate in treating erectile dysfunction naturally and with long-lasting results.

Will I Need Maintenance Treatments with GAINSWave®?

GAINSWave® erectile dysfunction treatment produces long-lasting results, with typical results lasting two to three years or longer. After you complete your initial round of treatments, we can provide maintenance sessions as needed so that you can continue to enjoy better sexual performance long term.

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