In-Office Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect men of any age. Fortunately, advances in medical technology have made it possible to get effective ED treatment without surgery or medications. GAINSWave® therapy is a quick and painless in-office procedure that can improve erections and enhance your sexual experience.

The GAINSWave® Treatment Experience

GAINSWave® treatments are performed in-office here at our Orlando / Winter Park location. Because the treatment is non-invasive, no anesthesia is needed, but a numbing cream may be applied to alleviate any concerns about comfort. During treatment, a GAINSWave® applicator is held to the penis to stimulate blood flow and blood vessel growth. The device makes a moderate noise and causes a painless vibrating sensation.

The entire treatment lasts only 15 minutes plus the time needed to dress down beforehand and clean up afterward. Because there is no need for downtime, patients can immediately go about their day. Conveniently, this all causes little interruption to the patient’s daily schedule.

How Does GAINSWave® Compare to Other ED Treatments?

GAINSWave® is significantly different from all other standard treatments for ED. Here is how just a few of the common treatments for ED compare to GAINSWave®.

GAINSWave® vs Surgery

Surgery for erectile dysfunction may involve inserting an inflatable or malleable implant into the penis that allows you to control your erections. However, all surgeries come with risks and hazards, anesthesia, additional costs, and a surgical recovery. Not to mention, many men are uncomfortable with the idea of getting surgery on the penis.

GAINSWave® requires no surgery or anesthesia. There is no hospital stay, no recovery, and no downtime. The in-office procedure is short, painless, and convenient. Men can walk in for treatment and walk out right afterward to continue with their daily activities. With no risks and no medication, GAINSWave® is the safest ED treatment, especially for men who have other health concerns and medications.

GAINSWave® vs Medications

ED medications, while commonly prescribed, have many downsides. The effectiveness of ED medication is often unreliable, and it can lose effectiveness the longer you take it. Or, it may never work for you at all. Having to take medication is also an inconvenience. Additionally, medications for erectile dysfunction may cause side effects such as headaches, muscle aches, indigestion, and more. Lastly, many men cannot take ED medications because they pose significant health threats for men who have comorbidities or who are taking certain heart medications.

GAINSWave® is a drug-free treatment. It is convenient and nondisruptive to your schedule, especially when you are “in the moment”. There are no side effects, interactions, complications, or increased risks for men who have other medical concerns or who are taking other medications. This all-natural erectile dysfunction treatment can even produce better results than those made possible by ED medications. With long-lasting results, GAINSWave® is the preferred treatment for erectile dysfunction.

GAINSWave® vs Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes such as adjusting diet and exercise are often recommended for men with erectile dysfunction. While these changes may be beneficial, lifestyle adjustments take time to implement and even more time to determine whether they have a positive effect on ED. Unfortunately, it is not always easy or even possible to make the necessary lifestyle changes that may hopefully yield results.

GAINSWave® does not require lifestyle changes. The only change you must make is to go into the office for a series of appointments that are only 20 to 30 minutes each. After your treatment regimen is complete, you can return to your regular activities and enjoy improved sexual function for years.

Choosing GAINSWave®

Unlike surgery, medications, and other ED treatments, GAINSWave® has no risks, no harmful side effects, and no unexpected costs or hassles. With just a few treatment sessions, you can enjoy noticeably better sexual performance and overall improved sexual health that lasts for up to 2 or 3 years. Some men experience an erection even within just 24 hours after their first treatment. This convenient and quick in-office treatment is the best ED treatment available and can give you the results you seek.

GAINSWave® erectile dysfunction treatment is offered here in-office at our Orlando / Winter Park location. To experience these incredible results for yourself, schedule your appointment with Dr. Eisenbrown. Call (407) 212-9532 or contact us online today.