Natural Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

For men with erectile dysfunction (ED), finding an effective treatment without unpleasant side effects or risks can be difficult. Fortunately, surgery and ED medications are no longer the only ED treatments available! GAINSWave®, Phoenix Pro, and the P-shot are three all-natural treatments for erectile dysfunction that offer real results with minimal risks and no harmful side effects.

Why Natural is the Way to Go

Treating erectile dysfunction naturally is the best approach because most ED cases are due to natural causes. Over 80 percent of individuals with ED experience erectile dysfunction due to poor blood flow. Natural treatments help the body promote healthy blood flow to the penis so that erections can occur naturally when you want them.

Another concern is Peyronie’s Disease, a condition in which scar tissue in the penis prevents it from becoming erect. Many common ED treatments cannot do anything about Peyronie’s Disease, which means they can’t really resolve ED for affected individuals because they can’t correct the cause of it. But these natural treatments CAN improve Peyronie’s Disease and offer a more comprehensive resolution.

Natural treatments also provide results without the disadvantages of other treatments. Some ED treatments are less appealing: many men would rather not undergo surgery on their penises. ED medications often cause side effects like indigestion, body aches, nasal congestion, and even temporary color changes in vision. And ED drugs often don’t provide satisfying or consistent results. These all-natural treatments offer a high success rate without any side effects and without any invasive techniques or surgery.

Perhaps most importantly, patients who cannot take ED medications can still get help with these natural erectile dysfunction treatments. Medications for erectile dysfunction are not always an option because they can cause dangerous health complications for men with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other health conditions. Some ED drugs also interact dangerously with certain medications. Natural treatments, on the other hand, do not interact with any drugs and do not cause dangerous complications for men with these health conditions. These natural ED treatments are safe, natural, effective, and more accessible than other treatments.

All-Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

The following three treatments are now available here at Amore Medical Spa for men with erectile dysfunction: GAINSWave® therapy, the P-shot, and Phoenix Pro.


GAINSWave® is a non-invasive ED treatment performed in-office in just 20 to 30 minutes. The device transmits high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to stimulate blood flow and promote new blood vessel formation so that the penis can naturally achieve and maintain erections. It also treats Peyronie’s Disease by eliminating scar tissue in the penis. A completely painless treatment with no recovery, you can immediately resume your normal daily activities.

The P-Shot

The P-Shot (Priapus Shot) is an in-office ED treatment that uses growth factors to improve blood flow. It begins with a blood draw (like getting lab work done), then the blood sample is centrifuged to isolate growth proteins. These proteins are reinjected into the penis and stimulate healthy regeneration and blood flow. As a safe treatment with minimal risk of complications and no harmful side effects, the P-shot is an excellent natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Phoenix Pro

Phoenix Pro is a handheld device that lets men treat ED in their own homes. After a brief in-office training on how to use the device, men can take the Phoenix Pro device home and perform treatments themselves. Each treatment takes just 10 to 20 minutes and involves passing the device along the penis shaft to stimulate blood flow and blood vessel regrowth. The convenience and privacy of being able to get treatment at home, combined with its safety, efficacy, and no side effects, makes Phoenix Pro an enticing natural ED treatment.

Which Treatment Should I Get?

Because these three treatments for erectile dysfunction are all-natural, men can typically choose whichever treatment they desire. In fact, many men will combine these ED treatments together (for example, get treatment with both GAINSWave® and Phoenix Pro) to maximize their results.

Treating ED naturally can give you the results you desire without side effects, harmful interactions, and other complications. These treatments offer a high success rate, are accessible to more men, and can give you a comfortable treatment experience with minimal hassle and risk. Consider treating your erectile dysfunction naturally with GAINSWave®, the P-shot, and/or Phoenix Pro to improve your erections and enhance your sexual experience.

Male sexual health expert Dr. Eisenbrown offers all of these natural ED treatments here at Orlando area Amore Medical Spa. To schedule your consultation today, call (407) 212-9532 or contact us online.