What is GAINSWave® Treatment Like?

For an erectile dysfunction treatment that works, increasing evidence suggests that there is nothing better than GAINSWave®. But many men wonder, what does GAINSWave® treatment feel like? Is it painful? Will there be a lengthy recovery? Longtime urologist Dr. Eisenbrown has been a GAINSWave® treatment provider for years and can provide assurance that the treatment is quick and comfortable, with no side effects or recovery.

Is GAINSWave® painful?

GAINSWave® is not painful. A numbing cream is provided just in case your skin is a little sensitive. This numbing cream eliminates any possibility of discomfort.

What does GAINSWave® feel like?

GAINSWave® feels like a vibration. There is no discomfort, only a vibrating sensation while the GAINSWave® applicator produces soundwaves to stimulate blood vessels within the penis.

What should I expect for my GAINSWave® treatment?

Your GAINSWave® treatment will be a quick and painless experience. After you have undressed, Dr. Eisenbrown will give you a numbing cream to eliminate any possibility of skin sensitivity. Dr. Eisenbrown will use the GAINSWave® applicator to stimulate blood vessels in your penis. The GAINSWave® device will make a moderate noise while producing the sound waves for the treatment. The treatment itself will last only 15 minutes, after which you will be able to clean up, get dressed, and go about your day.

How long is a GAINSWave® treatment?

GAINSWave® treatments are quick, only 15 to 30 minutes total.

What is recovery from GAINSWave® like?

There is no recovery after GAINSWave®. You can get your treatment and then continue about your daily activities (even sexual intercourse).

Are there any side effects with GAINSWave®?

Unlike many other erectile dysfunction treatments, GAINSWave® all-natural erectile dysfunction treatment has no side effects, complications, or interactions.

Is GAINSWave® safe? Does GAINSWave® have any harmful interactions?

GAINSWave® is a safe treatment for erectile dysfunction. Nothing harmful can happen to you during or after treatment because the treatment is just soundwaves. This advanced technology stimulates blood vessel growth and blood flow to improve penile function and treat erectile dysfunction without causing any interactions with other health conditions or medications.

GAINSWave® erectile dysfunction treatment is clinically proven to achieve reliable results in the vast majority of men with erectile dysfunction. For more information, call (407) 212-9532 or contact Dr. Eisenbrown online today.

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